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EdTech Solution

Company Overview


EdTech Solution

EdTech Solution, notable as EdTech is a first-rate instructive consultancy in India that highly esteems giving the right venturing stones to understudies who need to make a vocation by enlisting them into schools and courses of their decision. Vocation Counseling has been expanding of late, which can be perceived as more individuals are feeling overpowered with this multitude of choices before them.

EdTech has been leading effective vocation advising meetings and under the expert counsellor’s of Edtech Solution, we have plans to take our firm to a lot more elevated level of greatness. We realize that understudies are energetic about seeking after a practitioner training and need to concentrate on medication at an establishment abroad. Our group of specialists can assist you with finishing which one is generally favorable for the learning experience, development as a specialist/clinical master, and so forth

Our Vision

EdTech Solution - Established in 2020, EdTech began with a dream that hopeful understudies would at this point don't need to manage fragmented information and inaccurate affirmation techniques while applying to schools abroad. Gaining admittance to such data was even more troublesome way, thinking back to the nineties and numerous understudies and their folks have needed to go through pointless pressure while finishing the confirmation methodology. Because of the web today, the issue may have been tackled to some extent but with regards to screening through every one of the significant clinical schools and colleges around the world, the undertaking can in any case end up being a serious test.

Our Mission

This is the place where - EdTech Solution comes in with its ability directly from the affirmation method to chalking out an itinerary, applying for understudies advances to confirmation for a visa, everything can be taken care of by SREC, making the cycle liberated from misfires and without investing energy or cash superfluously. Understudies moving toward us stand out enough to be noticed and albeit based out if Mumbai, we have advisors from the two India and abroad aiding us out. EdTech has direct entrance advisory board insight at top schools on the planet, providing them with an exhaustive comprehension of the different measures for confirmations across different colleges, tossed across landmasses. Understudies are frequently under the confusion that once they neglect to get in a school of their decision, they have lost their odds of affirmation always, not understanding that there are far better choices somewhere else regarding which they were totally uninformed. Indeed, even exemplary understudies neglect to establish a connection with the board on occasion, not due to their absence of information in their subject, yet absolutely because of their disappointment of responding to other conditional inquiries which change from one locale to another. EdTech can give the understudies an unmistakable thought regarding what's in store and with the vicious rivalry out there and restricted seats on offer, understudies need all the assist they with canning get to establish a connection.

Our Team


Our Team Members


Dr Shisir Ruia



Lalit Varma

Education Counselor


Pritesh Mistry

Education Counselor

As Leaders & Experts for Medical Education Abroad EdTech Solution is Globally Accredited by

European Association for International Education (EAIE). Accreditation No: 219236

Partners with federal government agencies, education bodies and community advocates Accreditation No: 00269264

World's Largest International Association Accreditation No: 224658

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